Friday, 12 August 2011

[Fo'tis'ma] - Score and Sound Design

My initial idea with score always gets changed and tweaked as I move along with the editing/finessing process.

Here are some films that inspired me on the score and sound side of things:

Always a favorite on every level:

Current Favorite - Mischa Rozerma is a genius!:

Just a bit of context on the scoring side of things: I was asked to work on another project and had very specific guidelines in terms of audio cues over specific sections of time. I was so eager to work on the project that I decided to work on this score even before there was sign off on the pitch. I finished the score in a day or two and send it to the boys Khalid and Jonathan at Next Level Pictures who I was going to work with on the spot. They loved the track but was informed that the pitch did not go through - I was bummed but immediately knew that the track could work for the [Fo'tis'ma] project that I had coming up.

People often ask how do I start a project. The simple answer; score. Before I even get thinking about the visuals - I work on getting the RIGHT score. I think its important to note here that my pieces have all been largely 'experimental/artistic/abstract' which helps when considering audio first. If I was working on a longer-form narrative piece I'd probably focus on story/edit first and then work the audio soon in after.

So I guess if I were to jot down my workflow, from concept to completion it would be something like this:

1. NOTEBOOK - Brainstorm Ideas
2. Search for Audio/Visual References [I do this all the time - not only when I'm working on projects]
3. Start scoring
4. Start editing to the score
5. Add visual effects/comps
6. Do VO [if required]
7. Add sound effects
8. NOTEBOOK - Write down revisions and things to tweak
9. Make revisions and Tweaks

My biggest Advice would be to focus on getting the part that tells the 'story' the clearest/strongest.

For [Fo'tis'ma] this would be the VO look at the processing happening on that channel. The thing that really helps the VO is the growl/noise/distortion that I've added - giving the VO a little bit more of a punch - making it SLIGHTLY dirtier and grittier - It ALWAYS helps with giving the performance a little more character

Check the screengrab with the 'Trash plug in below'...the other grab is just to give an idea of how many tracks I'm using for the score/SFX and VO - typically if the project is big I'll have different sessions for each step. I'll start with the score - Import the final score track into a new [SFX/VO] session and then record the corresponding VO/SFX

Hope this helps

Monday, 8 August 2011

[Fo'tis'ma] - The process

It is strange how much I love doing this! There is not always enough time to blog but when I do get the moment in between renders - I love it!

I thought I'd do a quick post on what happened in the process of making [Fo'tis'ma]

I remember reading Matthew 5:16 a while back thinking, 'its amazing that GOOD WORKS, in this context is not for the direct pleasure of God - it is because it draws others in to glorify him that is brings him pleasure - bringing grace right back to the centre of my understanding of how God relates to us [a very freeing thought].

I wanted to explore the concept of light as well, as its very central to that passage and also others - 1 Thess 5vs5 - from which I also pulled ideas from. It is also key to what I do - film, photography etc.

Furthermore I wanted to explore the concepts of revolution/reform/anti-establishment etc etc, but turn it on its head by showing an seemingly malicious character doing 'good' [for lack of a better term].

Thanks to Glenn Stewart, Dan Difelice, Warren Eltringham, Franzwa Roux, Luke Atencio, and Emile Freeman who all had hand in helping with some of the elements in here!

I think what was the hardest part was getting the script right - there were so many themes to pull together! Here's what that process looked like for me:

Here are some screengrabs of the ungraded/untreated footage.

Furthermore here are some images that inspired much of the work:

And here are the final Graded/Comped frames: