Monday, 8 August 2011

[Fo'tis'ma] - The process

It is strange how much I love doing this! There is not always enough time to blog but when I do get the moment in between renders - I love it!

I thought I'd do a quick post on what happened in the process of making [Fo'tis'ma]

I remember reading Matthew 5:16 a while back thinking, 'its amazing that GOOD WORKS, in this context is not for the direct pleasure of God - it is because it draws others in to glorify him that is brings him pleasure - bringing grace right back to the centre of my understanding of how God relates to us [a very freeing thought].

I wanted to explore the concept of light as well, as its very central to that passage and also others - 1 Thess 5vs5 - from which I also pulled ideas from. It is also key to what I do - film, photography etc.

Furthermore I wanted to explore the concepts of revolution/reform/anti-establishment etc etc, but turn it on its head by showing an seemingly malicious character doing 'good' [for lack of a better term].

Thanks to Glenn Stewart, Dan Difelice, Warren Eltringham, Franzwa Roux, Luke Atencio, and Emile Freeman who all had hand in helping with some of the elements in here!

I think what was the hardest part was getting the script right - there were so many themes to pull together! Here's what that process looked like for me:

Here are some screengrabs of the ungraded/untreated footage.

Furthermore here are some images that inspired much of the work:

And here are the final Graded/Comped frames:


  1. As always great work. Love the message and the sky replacement.

  2. hi salomon quick question, for this piece did you made the score first to edit around it or you edited everything first and then created the music after.. PLEASE respond to this itd be much much appreciated it. Thanks

  3. @Edry - Yes score first, then edit, then VFX and glitch work along with Sound Effects - going back and forth to tweak!

  4. looks good. Thanks for this post. I was curious what was the inspiration and process for this video

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  6. Dear God, this is just the beginning of believers taking back the 'arts' as was always His intentions. I remember great men of faith speaking the pray of this publicly years ago. Keep inspiring and teaching others Salomon. x

  7. What program do you use for sound and sound effects?
    Do you use a sound library? I see that you use as VideoCopilot twitch.

  8. Thanks @vas...@Wilson I use pro tools as a sequencer/recorder and then a whole heap of 3rd party plug ins for the rest! Try for sound effects. I use them all the time too

  9. Hey Salomon,
    You always go through the video side of your projects, is there any chance for you to go through the audio side of things? :) I've been learning all there is to know about video but want to delve in more to the audio side. Any tutorial or blog post would be much appreciated. The video looks sick by the way love the grain, really takes away on the compression artifacts.

    Daniel M
    (Winnipeg, Canada)

  10. Love the vids :) I'm pretty new at this, can you tell me how, or send me to a good tutorial on how you did the text overlays? I love that look!

  11. Salomon great work as always !!!
    May you share the work style (technique) about transition at 8 to 10 sec ... is it Twitch or something like that?

    Thank you anyway !!!

  12. Your videos are Perfect! :)
    God bless you and your continuing ministry for our Celestial Father!

  13. Hey Salomon, I loved your work!
    How did you make those graphics in the video?
    I would be appreciate to know... :)



  14. HI Salomon.

    I absolutely love your work. And aspire to do things similar - and yet different.

    I just had a quick question: (more "business" really)..

    But... would you be alright if our church showed this?

    With small talk aside.

    I really.. really have enjoyed all your other work also.... it's very inspiring to say the least. Excellence.. (with what we have been given)

    Juan 11:35

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  16. Stunning!
    You have truly inspired me today!!!
    bringing who YOU are in God... into what you do.
    Thank you!