Monday, 2 May 2011

Technicolor Tests

I wanted to test out the new Technicolor Cinestyle Canon Picture Profile for myself.

Here are my findings:

The raw [not RAW] Cinestyle image is VERY flat - ugly flat to be honest - but somehow I still like it - feels quite vintage! But it seems to have a bit more noise than the normal Picture Profiles - I might be wrong.

Image seems quite gradable - there's a lot of info that you can pull out - but as my friend Matt Fezz has mentioned - the images might start falling apart due to its existence in the 8-bit realm


  1. So what's the verdict bro? Will you use it?

  2. Did you used the cineon tool in input menu?

  3. is it good enough?...did you apply the lut plug in? and will you be using it?

  4. from what i read?.they said you should apply lut a free plug in from red get a film stock s-curve...then color not sure though..

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