Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Midnight madness

I went to bed at 6pm tonight - thinking I'll nap for 2 hrs and then wake up - have dinner and work on some music and pre-prod for a church little docu. I have to shoot this weekend. 6hrs later I wake up - MIDNIGHT. Not going to get going the music now - but thought I'd work on a few grade options for the coming piece - well if not for that - then just play and come up with some grades which can be used at a later stage. These were all grades inspired by tones which I picked up from a cheesy music video [grade and cinematography is gorgeous tho]......not going to tell who the artist is....no

I used some frames from ST which were not in the short to test here
If you have any preference let me know - would love to hear your thoughts

These are the grades [Telecine: James Bramford] that inspired my grades below.. [skip past the first 5 for mine]


  1. 4th and 7th look the best i reckon.

  2. I like 3 and 4 ...but they all evoke a unique feel. Thanks for sharing bro! Gotta recharge the body every now and then. LOL.


  3. Awesome work, are you using MBL here? Would you be so kind as to share what attributes you tweaked to get your looks? Would really appreciate it :)

  4. flip. your are a talented man..

  5. I like 1 and 3 the most. 3 keeps a more realistic skin tone, but 1 has a very cold feel thanks to the blue color shift.

    Are you using Magic Bullet Looks? I really like what you're doing with your grading. You got style my friend.

    Thans for sharing!