Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Midnight madness

I went to bed at 6pm tonight - thinking I'll nap for 2 hrs and then wake up - have dinner and work on some music and pre-prod for a church little docu. I have to shoot this weekend. 6hrs later I wake up - MIDNIGHT. Not going to get going the music now - but thought I'd work on a few grade options for the coming piece - well if not for that - then just play and come up with some grades which can be used at a later stage. These were all grades inspired by tones which I picked up from a cheesy music video [grade and cinematography is gorgeous tho]......not going to tell who the artist is....no

I used some frames from ST which were not in the short to test here
If you have any preference let me know - would love to hear your thoughts

These are the grades [Telecine: James Bramford] that inspired my grades below.. [skip past the first 5 for mine]