Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tasty Treats from Nike

Here is another quick-post on some of some pieces that have inspired me of late and in the past

This Nike ad is my favorite ad ever. I love the emotional quotient of narration and the visuals. The grade is crazy good too!

Also this Nike add kills it. Funny - I tried forever to find these on youtube/vimeo....saw them at the cinemas but could never find the right tag words to locate them again. Couldn't remember whether they were Nike/Reebok/Adidas. After months of searching I finally found them!

I am currently working on a piece that will have somewhat of a feel of these shorts. Gonna try push Twixtor to the limit


  1. Those are awesome. You should check out this tutorial: They use Apple Motion instead of Twixtor. I used it myself and found the results far superior to Twixtor. There are three spots in this video I made ( where I was able to successfully ramp it and the original footage was shot at 24p, not even 60p.

  2. Re: 'Addicted,' I like the color palette and also the sound quality of the heartbeats at the end. I can see how it's inspired you. I like your edgy movement in your films, though.