Friday, 28 January 2011

Silent Transition - The Progression of the Concept

There are kids downstairs and I think they're folks have left, and I'm about to pull my hair out. To give you an idea its 1:30 AM and I can feel the vibrations of their thumping sub shaking the couch as I type this. Ridiculous!

Anyway - on to the details of the execution of 'Silent Transitions'.

Silent Transitions was a concept revolving around the idea that believers are called to 'be still and know that I [He] am God' and it is this concept that initially got me thinking about how I can communicate the idea with some footage I already had. I had shot some stuff in New York in June and really wanted to put it to use - but after playing for a while with the NYC footage - it just felt too 'bitsy' and I needed to start fresh. ST was actually all birthed out of a single frame which I saw on someone's reel - I really liked the frame and wanted to explore how I could interpret it in my own expression: This was the frame - from Danny Yount's [Prologue] reel

So here is the progression of the piece:

- felt the phrase 'Silent Transitions' come up in my heart - with reference to psalm 46vs10
- started playing with NYC footage:

- on the way to Jerusalem - wrote the score for ST during a 14hr transit
- got back to Dubai the next day - thought about using slomo/twixtor doing massive jumps around the city
- tested jumps the next day with keying etc - it worked!
- went around Dubai the following day - shot jumps in morning and late afternoon [before and after work]
- left for SA the following day - starting messing with keying and sky replacements
- realized the NYC footage wasn't going to work
- got back to Dubai 3 weeks later...not having done much on ST as there was wedding photo jobs to be done
- played around with some grades that I based off another video
- asked my mate franzwa to act for me - he did
- edited/graded the rest
- asked luke to do the VO [I wanted the mood from the nike 'addicted' ad] - he rocked it I thought

- Mixed the SFX/VO/Score
- Merged Video from AE with audio from PT in FCP

This took me about a month to do - as I was shooting and editing before/after working hours and over weekends. If there are any questions - feel free to pop them my way.

Here are some shots to show concept progression [random]

I hope you get a glimpse into creatively how things develop for me.

I will write some more on color and twixtor and what-not when I get the chance - but for now - I'm going to bed [the noise downstairs have settled and I can now sleep in peace] - adios!


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tasty Treats from Nike

Here is another quick-post on some of some pieces that have inspired me of late and in the past

This Nike ad is my favorite ad ever. I love the emotional quotient of narration and the visuals. The grade is crazy good too!

Also this Nike add kills it. Funny - I tried forever to find these on youtube/vimeo....saw them at the cinemas but could never find the right tag words to locate them again. Couldn't remember whether they were Nike/Reebok/Adidas. After months of searching I finally found them!

I am currently working on a piece that will have somewhat of a feel of these shorts. Gonna try push Twixtor to the limit

Monday, 10 January 2011

Grading a Wedding

I'm just posting this for those who enjoy seeing before and afters....I know I do. please throw me some comments and I'll try and see how I can reply or help out

Friday, 7 January 2011

Just Playing

Strike while the iron is hot!

So I just finished watching Spy Game with my wife and felt so inspired by the grade and visuals that I thought I would quickly try and put a little impromptu grade together! Thus the fruit of my labor!