Saturday, 26 June 2010

Color Correction with the Ring Light

I thought I'd do a quick post on a quick color correction before and after example. Here are two pics of a recent Church News segment I did. I shot it with a ring light [which i got at a VERY good price] - tho the initial look of the ring light looked 'quite' good [as it looked on camera] It looked especially cool after the color correction. The initial capture shows a distinct yellow tone in the skin - which I wanted to pull back to normality, normal skin tones! I used Magic Bullet looks and crushed the blacks all the way down - so at to remove the background completely - probably could have kept it - but wanted to use the negative space for the text/design.

I always enjoying seeing the before and after of people's corrections hope you enjoy this.

The woman in these clips is my gorgeous wife, Lesley-Ann

check the video here [very simple edit]

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New York City

Wow - What a time away I've had in the US. It was such an incredibly rich time and soul-feeding in many ways. One thing that I think God made abundantly clear to me AGAIN was his heart for all people. His heart is for people, our hearts must beat for people - the poor, the hungry, the depressed and especially the LOST. Our whole discussion during the URBAN RENEWAL time was regarding the the need for the move of the Holy Spirit in our meetings and the Value and impact of the Word and truth of the Gospel. To me tho it seemed like the focus of both these truths-in-tension is connect the hands of the Groom with the hands of the Bride - the purpose of our worship. It is thus clear that God is all about intimacy with His people. There is so much more I can write about here!

LA was cool - didn't blow me away tho - I think if Les and I were there together and we had a car with which we could travel together - we would have had so much fun. Mind you - Dan, Star and Warren's company was rad too - except for the bloody 100 dollars I spent going to a fun-fare which I wasn't keen on in the first place [my stupid mistake]

New York was pretty amazing. I can tell you about it all, and will when I can sit down with you and tell you in person, but for now - let the pictures speak.

I've ran out of space on flickr and now they want me to pay a little fee to have unlimited upload space - 24 USD a year. I still have stacks of NYC Photos to load.

if you can't get onto download mozilla firefox and this application

Then flickr will work

my flickr account is

Should I do it?!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

'Save the Lost' - Official Link

Okay so i've realized

I have not posted this here yet. So here goes

Save the Lost from Salomon on Vimeo.

I really want to continue to make little short films that continue to wrench people's hearts for Jesus and the Lost. What good are our lives if we don't live to see others fall in love with Jesus too? Seriously, I sometimes wonder why do I - as someone who's been 'saved' basically my whole life, live so passively without loving the lost, without seeing them saved.
I think at the crux of it all we have to love the lost into salvation - and I'm really just learning that now

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blake Whitman likes 'Save the Lost'

Quick little message -

Blake Whitman - Creator of Vimeo 'Liked' 'Save the Lost' - an honor indeed!


Friday, 4 June 2010

'Save the Lost' - the breakdown

'Save the Lost' is a little film used as a campaign element for an event our church is hosting in October. It started with a basic concept of obscuring the identity of people in the film by having them wear black and putting stockings over their heads. Thought the idea could be cool but when I started shooting I realized this could actually be too edgy for church - It was only until I added text that I felt it could work - and still have an edge.

Just to give a little bit of a background - it was shot over 3 days, 1 hour on a Monday morning and then 30 mins on a Tueday afternoon and again 30 mins on a Wednesday afternoon. It was so HOT in Dubai about 40-45 degrees Celsius which is about 110 Fahrenheit and humidity was about 95 percent. I had to keep the lens outside of the car until the fogging up cleared before we could start shooting - we all waited for about 30 mins in our cars until the dampness cleared off the lens. Needless to say, after 30 mins of shooting we were all drenched. The 'cast' were great - they're all good mates of mine. They fell to the ground - got dust everywhere and were sweating like troopers!

So here is a little break down of all the elements.

Audio: Took 2 days to record - which for me is quite fast, and was tracked using Pro Tools, Stylus RMX, FM8, Massive and Miroslav Philharmonik [I recoded the music first and then added the glitches - then took the song to FCP - as my basis for the video edit]

Filming: It was recorded on the Canon 7D, using the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and the Nikon Mount Zeiss 50mm f1.4

Lighting: It was all natural light - no fills - no diffusers no reflectors - no nothing. The idea was to get a lot of silhouette-like shots to help with hiding the identity of people - I love mystery, and I shot into the sun most of the time to create more mystery

Editing: All editing was done on Final Cut Pro 7. I did all the cutting and time-remapping or speed changes here as well - Then I added markers and extended markers so that I knew where all the glitches and noises were - and the length or duration of each glitch

Transferring: I exported the XML from FCP and then opened it in After Effects using a script called 'PI_FCP2AE_CS4.jsxbin' - []. This works in much the same way as Automatic Duck does but its definitely not as advanced - does the basics tho! I was able to maintain my speed changes, edits, markers and even extended markers.

Color Correction: I used Magic Bullet Looks for the color correction purely because I don't know how to work Apple's Color or don't have access to a Da Vinci, but the Da Vinci which sells at 995 USD is tempting!
I used a very restricted pallet. I drove the shadows into the green and the highlights into the yellow and then tweaked the mids so that I always have a balanced look from shot to shot. I used strong gradients [which were actually vignettes positioned towards the top- to gradient the sky] in most of the shots where the sky was visible, and light vignettes to draw attention to the 'action'.
I also used a bit of bleach bypass to drown out some color and contrast the image a touch. I then brought the 'lift' vallue up as a whole to bring things away from pure black - to get a more filmic - vintage look

I've attached some screenshots of the before and after treatments work

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

'Save the Lost' - the audio

Okay so I started with audio again here. I don't even know how many channels I was working with but it was a heck of a lot. It took about 2 days to get the audio going - which really isn't that long considering how long it took on previous projects. I then took the audio to Final Cut Pro, where I started editing and Time-Remapping some footage to some of the glitches and beats. I kept some glitches edit free - knowing that I was going to need some as cues for the movement of text.

After the edit and plotting out all the glitches using markers and extended markers [to indicate the length of the glitches] in Final Cut Pro - I exported an XML and then used a cool little free script called FCPtoAE to get all the edited and time-remapped footage across to After Effects. Then came the monster of all tasks - motion-tracking all the footage so that the text moves relative to the footage - at least to some extent. This was rather tricky, especially since it was my first time to do it - learned so much!

The grade kinda happened in sections as I moved across the footage for title treatment. Lastly I added a film burn stock over some of the glitches just to add a little more dimension.

I'm pretty stoked with the results.

Hope it 'gets' you.
Hope you come!


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ten Commandments

Here is another cool video I thought I would share with you. there's some pretty rad stuff out there. enjoy

The Ten Commandments - motion (kinetic) typography from Vit Ryznar on Vimeo.


Thought I'd do a quick post, since I have not done anything really over the last while - Things have just been crazy busy.

I recently saw a short film called Momentos by a guy called Nuno Rocha - he's Portuguese I think. Anyway. I was absolutely floored when I saw it. It moved me to tears and I can honestly say that that doesn't happen very often. The film is 5 mins long and beautifully captures the essence of human need - LOVE. The story has so many spiritual implications that I think shows the heart of God so wonderfully. But enough rambling - check it out

MOMENTOS from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.