Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hope Lights - Official Link

So here is the link to the Hope Lights video. Thank you to Vanessa for being generous with your story.

Hope Lights from Salomon on Vimeo.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Hope Lights [Audio]

Here is a screenshot of the Pro Tools Session.

I am almost always more moved by the audio design of a film or advert than by the visuals, tho it is a 50/50 relationship. For me good audio just stands out!
Thus on this project i really wanted to spend some time working on getting the audio working. The Musical score came as inspiration from the many projects HECQ [Ben Lukas Boysen] has worked on, and also the Nike+ 'Addicted' Commercial.

I needed to create quite a dark and ominous mood with the darker part of Vanessa's story, so I worked on a strings arrangement that had some weird out-of-tune sounds, to create suspense. I also wanted some impact on the running scenes, so I added the sound of them running [breathing] heavily at home.
There had to be a stark contrast her former life and the life she now lives in Christ, thus the mood of the audio changes when she stands on top of the building. Something that I would be very hard to do but in the end seemed to work well.

SO, 48 tracks! And that's just for the 1st part of the film and that's just the Pro Tools screenshot. I also have Reason tracks that run into Pro Tools. It was a total of about 60 Track. Because most were stereo tracks we are looking at about 100 channels.

The second part of the film [when the titles appear], was a tune that i started writing during the whole process. I wanted something that had energy and a positive mood. I think i'll take this melody and write an actual song to it, pretty soon.

Anyway this track had about 25 tracks in Pro Tools and a few more in Reason. Total of about 35 tracks. Most of them being stereo again. about 60 individual channels.

These are massive amounts of tracks for a little 13" Macbook Pro to handle. It would often just become unusable if I didn't restart the system every 2 hours.

Then I had to do complete different mixes for the Ambient Sound Effects and another mix for the Poem. All this was then added together in Final Cut Pro.

So much to and fro between programs [Pro Tools and After Effects and Final Cut Pro] that I almost lost track as some of the songs/clips were rendered out up to 13 times... Just to give you an idea- a 5 minute clip takes 2 hours to render out [we do it because we LOVE it]

Hope you like

Friday, 19 February 2010

It is finshed! - well almost

So basically the film is done. Doing a last render on the title sequence as we speak. It does take an eternity. And attached is a screenshot of what is currently happening in After Effects. Exciting! True!

Last night I had a good few mates over for my birthday. Had an awesome time despite the fact that both me and my wife were really nervous about hosting this thing, as we're both much more comfortable in our own creative spaces - void of people. So this was a bit of a departure for us, as we neither of us have ever hosted a 'party' before.

We thru out a few mails to friends - some got lost in translation but managed to get quite a good few number of people in our small little home. We had food, drinks, seesha and even organized a projector and organized some white sheets for our green wall, so as to 'Premiere' this new film that I am busy with.

The evening did feel quite grande as we had a Gatsby/20's theme. Somehow, it felt like we were at a mini 'Premiere'.

The night created an obvious moment - ready for the movie to be played. Lights off, and a brief explanation. Before the words 'Night Lights' rolled. in


It was awesome hearing people's feedback and then I realized the power of the Gospel all over again. Chris Wienand's preach and even the film brought me back to that day - the day of the Cross. I don't think i've ever been impacted by it like I was yesterday during Chris' preach. Amazing how it just becomes revelation again and again and again

I am now working hard on getting it into a format to send to the Hillsong 'eXchange' film festival.

Will post it here soon. Just need to check whether or not there will be any legal issues with using it online before entering the festival.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Its coming along!

So I'm in the final stages of production on a little - seriously little film which is still wanting of a title - but i got some ideas. 

I've been working non-stop at it, to try and get the pacing working - i now realize that film making is an incredibly arduous process not for the faint of heart. But alas - when things start working and coming together, the reward is incredible. 

So I thought i would just post a screenshot of the end titles. that i've been working on. 

There is still going to be some minor tweaking but for the most part - this is the look/feel for the end sequence. 

Peace out yo!