Thursday, 4 November 2010

This is Lesley

In Bahrain visiting my family and its been a hectic day of scoring, planning and what not, but decided to have a break, go for a walk with the wife and take the camera along!Its amazing how inspired one gets when you are removed from the hustle or normal life - the wheels in my head have not stopped turning yet! My wife is an absolute rock star, model and most amazing wife - and yes I forced her to do this shoot with me - because all the shoot-planning was getting to me and I needed to just shoot something/someone....

Had some awesome chats with the pops - which is always good! Its good being with family again!


  1. You are great colorist , i very love your works. Thank you for blog.

  2. I love your style. How do you get this vintage sort of look? I've seen that you use lightroom quite a bit, and so do I. Is this just a split tone effect? When I try, it still doesn't have this vintage washed out feel.

    Advice? :)

  3. Great gradings ! love it !
    Is it possible to have your lightroom presets ?

  4. can you tell me how can you manage to import videos for color correction into lightroom 3? Thanks in advance.


  5. Greetings! You're my new found inspiration. Love the color grades and your willingness to share your work experiences.

    BTW- I was a good college (Valley Forge Military Academy and College) friend with a member of the Al-Khalifa family from Bahrain.

    Thanks again for sharing!