Thursday, 18 November 2010

...and this is how I broke it

Recently I got too excited and too energetic on a film shoot - the outcome - trip, fall, break collarbone. oh and a new project which will be done in a few days.

I went for a low angle shot - [just flipped my newly day-prior-bought glidecam - holding the cam by the weights while the camera dangles at the bottom - knowing i'll flip/flop the image back in AE] and whilst focussing on the action I completely forgot to pay attention to what was happening in front of me. I was running SO fast to try and catch up with Wes- my talent - that I started losing balance. I could feel the inevitable fall was coming for about 3 seconds as I tried to regain balance - but alas I went down, and in an effort to save my camera [which had just been returned to me from the canon repair centre, because it fell out of my bag] I pull the camera and glidecam all the way around to the other shoulder to try and save it from hitting the ground. Subsequently I was in air for a few moments - turning the camera into the air with as much reach as I could get and inevitably plodding my shoulder into the ground, with quite substantial force - Its still fresh in my mind and I wish you were there to see it - must have looked hilarious.

Oh and it was the first shot of the day - had to use my other arm to get thru all the other shots! Whoop

All for the love of it!

BTW - its the top-most bone [shoulder/clavicle/collarbone]on the XRAY it looks snapped - like an A shape - that's the broken bone!

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  1. Man, that's dedication to the art! And you saved the camera and finished the shoot? Wow, major kudos to making lemons out of lemonade. Your wife must not have been there. Mine would have stopped all lemonade making to rush me to the doctor.