Thursday, 21 October 2010


Yesterday was quite a mad day! Filming church news in the morning, 2 around lunch time, album recording in the afternoon and then doing some filming with friends in the evening - wrapped at 2 am. Today I'm tired! Yet still some editing left to do on Church News

What was really awesome about yesterday tho is that I some awesome DP's thru vimeo - Khalid Mohtaseb and Jonathan Bregel. Check out their work at - its outstanding! Anyway, they told me that they were in town for a few days and wanted to know whether I was working on something that they could possibly help out with so I told them about the WCD project [which will eventually be called something else], - and they jumped on board last night - whipped out their cameras, lenses and lights - and we made a bit of movie magic - mad times!

I've got so much footage for the smallest little clip - might go back into Pro Tools and work the audio to get a bit time out of it!

So here are some still-frames of the shoot




  1. Nice...I'm loving the visual style you going with for this one. Your close up shots always look outstanding. Man you got a fan here!

  2. hey is there any chance that you can put up the whole of church news on your blog?