Thursday, 28 October 2010

I do like twixtor - when it likes me

I had this idea for a short for church, so I've just been playing with some time-remapping and twixtor within AE [shot at 60 FPS - 4000 shutter speed, and f3.5] to see whether I could get the vibe at all. The background is a little busy so I could only drop the speed to 50 percent - should work tho - or maybe I'll shoot against a not-so-busy background - it should help loads..

my wife helped out with the driving of the car on this one!


  1. Hey, I've been looking into Twixtor for quite some time now and would love to hear some more details on this shoot...

    Also, can you post the video up somewhere if you already haven't?

    How much did you pay for Twixtor? $500...?

  2. hi there

    nice blog!

    do you know any good tutorials how to use twixtor?

    thanks a lot