Friday, 3 September 2010

Second of Many

This is going to be the 2nd of many 'choose-the-look' posts. The idea is to get input from other people - especially other creatives - so as to lock in on a 'look' that would serve the heart of the story/truth the best. I do have my wife and she is brutally honest with me about most of the audio/editing/pacing issues - but this is something that could be way more collaborative - and I really benefit from the input.

The reality of living in the middle east and working for a church, is that its very easy to become isolated. Isolation is no good! It kills creativity.

Its awesome having a mate like Franzwa in the church office who can help out and give perspective too. He's our graphic designer at church. He just bought a 550D and and it was sick having him out shooting with us.

Here are a few stills from the clip i've been working on.- Keep the theme 'for 400 years Heaven was quiet' - [Desolation] in mind. This is being played along with 'The Last Call' clip for the first time today - so thematically they kinda work together.

Again I've got an idea for which grade or 'look' to go for - but I wanted some more input. I had an initial idea [even started shooting some stuff for it] for this but scrapped it on Sunday while I was chatting to my wife in the car - I was telling her what I had already shot and what I was envisioning for it - when while in mid thought - this idea came to me....Sorry you're going to have to wait for it - because vimeo won't let me load up any more videos as i've used up my limit for the week with 'Last Call'

The video is done and is being shown today at church but i did a very strong contrast render seeing that the projects at church are poor. I'll do a more vintage render for the website I reckon

This was done as to promo a course our church is running in a study of the Word Of God. Again - I could have made a 30 second little mograph piece, but I wanted a little 'story' to drive the message home - its my natural affinity [I'm trying to develop an understanding of mograph and 3D but haven't had time to give it due attention]. If I had better mograph skills like friends of mine Dan DiFelice and Glenn Stewart, I'd put them to use here - but alas - I don't know Cinema4D and I have not had too much experience in the area of motionography. For now, I'd rather stick to audio and 'cinematography' and then hope for the best.

I did more but I reckon these are my favorites

So which one?

Picture 1. Bluetone
Picture 2. Vintage Purple
Picture 3. Church Hi-Contrast
Picture 4. Vintage Green


  1. Sheesh, Solly...Kudos! My naked, untrained eye is spontaneously attracted to the Hi-contrast pic, but the more time I spend on the Vpurple, the more it speaks to me.
    Just some input from an audience member..;)

  2. hey salomon I would go for vin purple

  3. If your going for an isolated look, bluetone would have to be it, but if you really want to grab the attention of the crowd, hi-contrast is the way to go.

  4. "Church Hi-Contrast" is by far my favorite! it has the most detail yet retaining a certain "look"...

  5. The Hi-Contrast look, undoubtedly, would grab the audience eye most effectively, however, you aren't trying to grab their eyes-they are already voluntarily watching the video. Keeping this in mind you need to focus on the 'feel' you want the video to have, which is 'desolation'. Even just the still of the "bluetone" makes me feel alone and desolate. You aren't grabbing the audience's eye, you are making the audience feel something.