Sunday, 5 September 2010

On being 'technical' or rather 'non-technical'

I have this strange dilemma - I'm not at all technical. I wish sometimes I was better organized with my Final Cut Pro Sessions, could navigate more easily through my AE sessions, or could keep track of my latest bounced track in Pro Tools. Reality is - I work in the midst of chaos - [except when things get lost and I really can't find them again].

I reckon this will change soon tho I as have more work piling up and greater opportunity for collaborating - I am slowly but surely trying to make the creative process a tad more organized - but it's a battle!

I really don't know how to do much in any of the programs I use
Here are some of the things I struggle with in the 'creative' process [maybe it encourages others to just got for it, in-spite of what they do or don't know]

1. I don't know how to use the render-Que in After Effects [I always just export]
2. I don't know how to read music.
3. I don't really know how to master music - but use Izotope Ozone 3 until things sound good or I can't hear clips anymore
4. I don't fully understand mattes in After Effects
5. I use bits of tutorials to help me amalgamate ideas into a concept/execution
6. English is not my first language.

Despite all the above-mentioned I still get the 'work' done. Partly because there are things that I have learned - skills that I have developed. I think the key to seeing a concept go from stupid to amazing is linked to how much time your willing to invest in it. Obviously the idea needs to at least have some life - but the execution needs to take time. Its important to labor over an idea - take a break - then look or listen to it again - work some more - take a break - then look and listen some more.

I honestly feel like I don't know too much, but at the same time I also feel that there's nothing that can NOT be done - Its all about collaborating and having people around that can sharpen you or that can do the things you can't do - its about working in team and allowing your self time and space to be objective.


  1. I want to see a list of all the can-do's next, Solly. You're a wiz!

  2. If the works looks as good as yours, it doesn't matter what you don't know yet. You've got the skills that matter. Its only a matter of time before you pick up those other peripheral techy things.

  3. Your way ahead of anyone I know, you're doing something right!

  4. to be gifted is one thing
    to be humble is another
    to be both come great respect!