Thursday, 9 September 2010

Four Hundred Years BTS

Thought I'd quickly throw this out there.

A few weeks back I was given the task of coming up with a little film around The Word of God - for a course our church is running in October. I had an initial idea of what I wanted to do - but when I started shooting - around our home, it just didn't seem to work.
The idea of 'Heaven was silent for 400 years' - a historical fact - jumped out at me as I was chatting to my wife about my frustrations of trying to shoot the initial idea. She then came up with the idea of having the Bible come together in mid air - and we started thinking about how we were going to go about filming it. Initial thoughts were having only 1 continuous shot - but when I started working on the score it became clear that I was going to need a lot more footage. Thus, when it came to shooting we had to make sure we got the action from various angles. I shot it at 60fps and quite a high shutter speed [so that we could slow it down even further in Twixtor]. It was probably 7 am in the morning and the sun wasn't casting ugly shadows - that helped when it came to sky replacements too.

The shoot took about 2 hrs, and post pro and audio probably 6 full days [12-14 hrs per day].

The sky replacements were only done in the first part of the film so as to help set the mood - create tension - echoing the line '...holding fast to the hope, that one day, the silent skies will break open.'

This is brief, but if there are any questions - throw it out.



  1. Wow!!
    u inspire me to keep on using my talent for Him!!
    bless bless bless 2u n your wife!!

  2. thanks'salomon from turkey :)

  3. i found your free presets for magic bullets, anyway, my question was how to install them once you download them? can you help?

  4. Great work! Can you explain just a touch of insight into your reverse slowmo?

    Hate to critique you after all that good work but heaven was definitely not quiet during the times of Alexander The Great, its just that The Bible is.