Friday, 27 August 2010


I have been very busy over the last 2 weeks or so working on this project. Here are a few more screengrabs....I'm not going to talk to much on the technicalities behind its production [will do so at a later stage]...but here is my heart behind its concept and creation - aside from it being used for an event called HGHF - a great outreach tool.

For a long time I have been thinking about why God wants us here on the earth - post salvation. Why, if we can never lose our salvation, does Satan still try to rob from us [with sickness, death, discouragement etc] - when the outcome of our lives - our destiny, is already determined and set in place?

Why does Satan even bother when we are set for Heaven? What is it that he is trying to do, if he cannot steal our salvation? [The question of 'can you lose your salvation' - is not discussed here - but I believe once you've seen and tasted [for real] the goodness of God - its impossible to deny or forgo His Grace]

I think the answer to both these questions lie in the fact that God has us here on the earth for the purpose of living lives with the intentionality, actually the pro activity of loving the lost unto salvation. And it is for this very reason that Satan comes against us - in order to render us ineffective - to stop or halt the growth of the Kingdom.

Over the last few months I have watched how 'religion'- largely Christian and Muslim have done despicable things in the name of a 'cause'...

I mean look at this -

But as 'the Redeemed' we don't merely live for a 'cause' - we don't sell out to an organization - we are not merely warriors. But we are a bride, a family, a household and much more.

Its hard holding these truths in tension sometimes. For instance what do you do with the verse 'From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. - Matthew 11vs12

Do you take it it in a literal sense? - e.g. Christians protesting against gay marriage, or against the Mosque in NYC etc] the way I'm not supportive of the Mosque either but I don't know whether the love of Christ was evident in those protests.
Or is it a movement in the hearts of man, away from passivity and towards action - loving people with a love that Christ had for people. A love that is forceful - intentional, violent and real. But how can love be forceful or violent?.... In the same way that Jesus loved people. He went to the cross - he did the extreme - he died in violent love, and rose in violent love. I read this about a week ago [] and felt what I think was God's heart for the unloved, the broken and unsaved....

We have to live relationally and not cause-based.

I saw this trailer and also wondered whether most Christians work themselves into 'Preach the Gospel' frenzy and totally forget about Jesus and the way He loves people.

Jesus didn't raise his fists, throw a protest or anything the like. His way was love. He loved Zacchues, the tax collector, and spent time in his home. He loved the woman at the well who had the countless husbands, and told her about 'true worship'... His way was love.

The only time we really see Jesus angry was when the people were dishonoring his Father's house [the temple] - He did what any person would do if someone trashed their dad's house. I know I would

I am praying for Christ's love to rule in this heart - but the only way that it can be real is to go back to the Cross, time and time again.


  1. Yes! The arms of Christ are broad, wide, and unconditional, encompassing the homosexuals, the addicts, the wealthy, and the destitute alike. Well said.

  2. So right about that!!
    Ive just recently watch finger of god and furious love from Darren Wilson and man... it bring you back to the source, the reason why, the purpose of what we are truly suppose to be doing in this world witch is to represent Chrit and to love.

  3. "Why does Satan bother...?"

    I read that yesterday and it shook me a bit. And I was amazed you didn't have a hundred comments down here. It's such a crazy angle to look at the enemy's battle plan from. But then so obvious, I don't know why it didn't occur to me before.

    It totally challenges you to charge headlong into the battle and start fighting back.

    I think a lot of Christians are sort of collecting dust these days. They're ticket to heaven is punched and now they're just coasting along and living life however they please.

    I think the enemy loves these kinds of Christians. It reminds me of that gut-wrenching scene in "Saving Private Ryan" when the German soldier kills the one American after a long fight, and then simply walks past the other American who did nothing to help. The German soldier realizes the scared American is simply not a threat. I think that's how Satan looks at some of us sometimes when we aren't living out The Great Commission and serving Christ daily. We're not a threat so he's content to pass us by.

    Don't let the enemy look at you that way! Be a warrior to be reckoned with!

    Ok, my rant is done. -mge

  4. P.S. As a believer/husband/screenwriter/terrible musician, I hope to someday slide a script across your virtual desk and step into the fray together.

  5. thank you for this! it's been my thinking for some time. we need to live as amazing examples- love will win people before opposition does.