Saturday, 24 July 2010


So I've been waiting for a few months for this piece. Saw an initial viewing of the film when it was first bootlegged on to Vimeo but it was quickly taken off - couldn't wait for the official film's release so I could see it again.

Love the mood - captures this younger generation so well - the apathy, the pain, the aggression. Shows their need for love. I am always inspired by Rob Chiu's films - his innate ability to weave emotion and suspense into the fabric of his visuals is mad - not to mention the part that Ben Lukas Boysen played by adding an incredible score - always potent!

How does it make you feel?!



Fear/Love from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.


  1. It's really incredible. I felt really bad (just as the girl in the film) while watching it.

  2. Did you know this was produced by a church ?

  3. yeah - hillsong london - awesome!

  4. it made me feel sick. to know that these are situations that humanity has allowed to become the norm. our youth are in a war zone every day and without proper preparation for the battle they will just be casualties.

    this is definitely a great motivator for the church to recognize the need and start really embracing, loving and mentoring their young people.