Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Insomnia - not bad when there is divine inspiration

Its 5:13 am
leep and I have not been friends for the last few days - sorry my Love [wife - Lesley]. I'm just too stoked and inspired and feeling things stir in me that are of the spiritual and creative nature - how amazing that we serve the Creator of the Universe and that he births creativity in us.

I wonder what it will be like in heaven when the earth is already so rich and full with the life and color of God's hands - i'm pretty stoked about 'one day' - 2 Samuel 22 paints a really good picture for me of what God is like - David seemed to understand full - well the incredible attributes of God when we describes him in this text. Maybe read it - just a thought!

I thought I'd pose the question here as its good to understand the context of deadlines and time pressures and the expectations of those who are involved with video/audio productions.

How long does it typically take to do a:

1. An edit intensive trailer style clip [+- 2 min[from concept to product - including audio and all the elements involved]]
2. 5-7 min short film [the whole production cycle]
3. Record a church album [record/mix/master/release]
4. Color Correct and Edit photos from a shoot [Wedding shoot/Maternity shoot etc]
5. Work on a Intro/Logo Video [25 seconds long]


Here are a few things that have kept me up the last few nights

Trailer is such a sick CG piece - just liked it - nothing to it really tho - just quite cool

Trailer from Studio Aiko on Vimeo.

Always inspired by these guys - keeping it real - and showing what the pressure is like sometimes! - and they do it with a smile - I like that!

The making of church news Part-3 from Nick Khoo on Vimeo.

I just thought this was well shot and the text work was rad too - NYC always inspires!

Mi bendiciĆ³n from LUIS MORALES on Vimeo.

kinda liked this too

Worship Element: True Love from Adam Kring on Vimeo.

this guy just has the best voice - and the score is sick too - holds such tension!

g. from J. Xavier Velasco on Vimeo.

this guy also has an Incredible voice - love it! The Message, the Editing, the Music, everything about this video is amazing!

GIVE.ME.FAITH. opening video from Elevation Church on Vimeo.

I'm loving this digital type visual style at the moment

2010 from julien nantiec on Vimeo.

this guys videos are insane - especially this one - I love the look and depth of film

Coke surfer from Ottar Gudnason on Vimeo.

sickest song - sickest location

THE BARR BROTHERS - Lord I Just Can't Keep From Cryin' from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.


macro kingdom II from clemento on Vimeo.

okay that's it

good morning sunrise...


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