Monday, 19 July 2010

Choose the look

Okay so i thought i'd do something slightly different.

I am working on a little clip at the moment which deals with 'What We Believe'. It basically documents a guy searching for truth from scriptures and the consequent revelation he gets - it ultimately forms our church's Statement of Faith.

Anyway - the audio is slightly messy - the lighting is quite 'low-key' or dark - my question to you guys are - what is the best look for the clip?

Here are your 4 - options

1. Green/Yellow [Medium Contrast]
2. Bluetone [Medium Contrast]
3. Brownish Yellow [Vintage/Film - Low Contrast]
4. Green-Blue [High Contrast]

I have my favorite but wanted to hear what you guys think.
What suits the visuals more?


  1. The first is the best of the 4.

  2. Love the colours in option 1 Salomon :-0)

  3. well i love them all but two I guess if i had to pick. my gosh man your work is soooo good

  4. ricky - instinctively I am with you - but I hear all the others on the pick of number 1 - I think tho '1' looks too similar to the grades of my other stuff - where as '2' is different... we'll see when all is put together

  5. Salomon- now that you state that I see what you're saying... Perhaps option 2 would be better.

  6. Hey Man, I've just read thru like 6 months of your posts. amazing work.

    I had a question for you - how do you get these alterantive looks? I mean, do you apply MBL to each clip one by one or do you use a single adjustment layer?

    Thanks, man.

  7. Amazing stuff!!!! reading through your old blog posts too :)

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