Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New York City

Wow - What a time away I've had in the US. It was such an incredibly rich time and soul-feeding in many ways. One thing that I think God made abundantly clear to me AGAIN was his heart for all people. His heart is for people, our hearts must beat for people - the poor, the hungry, the depressed and especially the LOST. Our whole discussion during the URBAN RENEWAL time was regarding the the need for the move of the Holy Spirit in our meetings and the Value and impact of the Word and truth of the Gospel. To me tho it seemed like the focus of both these truths-in-tension is connect the hands of the Groom with the hands of the Bride - the purpose of our worship. It is thus clear that God is all about intimacy with His people. There is so much more I can write about here!

LA was cool - didn't blow me away tho - I think if Les and I were there together and we had a car with which we could travel together - we would have had so much fun. Mind you - Dan, Star and Warren's company was rad too - except for the bloody 100 dollars I spent going to a fun-fare which I wasn't keen on in the first place [my stupid mistake]

New York was pretty amazing. I can tell you about it all, and will when I can sit down with you and tell you in person, but for now - let the pictures speak.

I've ran out of space on flickr and now they want me to pay a little fee to have unlimited upload space - 24 USD a year. I still have stacks of NYC Photos to load.

if you can't get onto flickr.com download mozilla firefox and this application


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