Saturday, 26 June 2010

Color Correction with the Ring Light

I thought I'd do a quick post on a quick color correction before and after example. Here are two pics of a recent Church News segment I did. I shot it with a ring light [which i got at a VERY good price] - tho the initial look of the ring light looked 'quite' good [as it looked on camera] It looked especially cool after the color correction. The initial capture shows a distinct yellow tone in the skin - which I wanted to pull back to normality, normal skin tones! I used Magic Bullet looks and crushed the blacks all the way down - so at to remove the background completely - probably could have kept it - but wanted to use the negative space for the text/design.

I always enjoying seeing the before and after of people's corrections hope you enjoy this.

The woman in these clips is my gorgeous wife, Lesley-Ann

check the video here [very simple edit]


  1. Typical Fluro ring light? I've had recent success with similar lighting at night.. these cameras are ill!

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