Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hope Lights at Hillsong Film Festival

Hey Guys

So here is the gist of what is happening to my short film 'Hope Lights' in the next few weeks.

It is being shown at the Exchange Film Festival which is happening during the Hillsong Easter services. The last service, where my film will be showcased as one of 5 finalists, will be held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, which will accommodate about the 12 000 church goers!

This really excites me, as this is by far the biggest audience to witness my work, and as it might possibly expose the larger church to some of what is happening in the middle east region.

Here is some of the info from the Hillsong Website and a screenshot of the dvd cover i've thrown together for them, as I have to courier them the film in a DVD format


  1. Nice artwork bro! Exciting and incredible news that you are one of the top 5! Praise God for His grace and for such incredible gifts He gives to each as He desires! Miss you bro...