Friday, 19 February 2010

It is finshed! - well almost

So basically the film is done. Doing a last render on the title sequence as we speak. It does take an eternity. And attached is a screenshot of what is currently happening in After Effects. Exciting! True!

Last night I had a good few mates over for my birthday. Had an awesome time despite the fact that both me and my wife were really nervous about hosting this thing, as we're both much more comfortable in our own creative spaces - void of people. So this was a bit of a departure for us, as we neither of us have ever hosted a 'party' before.

We thru out a few mails to friends - some got lost in translation but managed to get quite a good few number of people in our small little home. We had food, drinks, seesha and even organized a projector and organized some white sheets for our green wall, so as to 'Premiere' this new film that I am busy with.

The evening did feel quite grande as we had a Gatsby/20's theme. Somehow, it felt like we were at a mini 'Premiere'.

The night created an obvious moment - ready for the movie to be played. Lights off, and a brief explanation. Before the words 'Night Lights' rolled. in


It was awesome hearing people's feedback and then I realized the power of the Gospel all over again. Chris Wienand's preach and even the film brought me back to that day - the day of the Cross. I don't think i've ever been impacted by it like I was yesterday during Chris' preach. Amazing how it just becomes revelation again and again and again

I am now working hard on getting it into a format to send to the Hillsong 'eXchange' film festival.

Will post it here soon. Just need to check whether or not there will be any legal issues with using it online before entering the festival.



  1. Wish we could have been there....but we will be at the official launch.

  2. nice one brutha! Mis jou broe!