Monday, 4 January 2010

A few weeks ago I started working on this video. It was to be used in our local church context as a 'gatherer'. Here I am with the first post to my blog. Let me know what you think. Will give more details about this video later.
A while back I thought about what we can do to start our church services more on time and what I could do to get people focussed before the service starts.

This took about 3 weeks to create and was inspired by Rob Chiu's OFFF opener. The aim was to make people aware of their great destiny here in the region of the Middle East. 

It was edited in Final Cut Pro, Graded with Magic Bullet Looks, and some effects were added in After Effects
The audio was done in Pro Tools in conjunction with Stylus RMX, FM8 and Reason

much love yo

For HD version check here 


  1. Wow, Salomon, your work is absolutely brilliant. And to an artist, very inspiring. I'm going to be watching this space. I love this clip of Dubai and I think it does well what you wanted it to. Tracie.

  2. Superb Salomon! Very well done. Let me know when you post other stuff.
    Jane (your former next door neighbour)